General Civil and Political Rights

More than half of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights address civil and political rights. In the navigational panel on the left, these rights are ordered alphabetically.

Two fundamental articles probihibit slavery and torture.

Several articles deal with a fair trail, i.e. the fundamental relation between the individual and the executive/legal system.

Right to recognition as a person before the law

Equality before the law

Right to an effective legal remedy

Right to public hearings

Right to the presumption of innocence

Ban on arbitrary detention

Several articles spell out the place of the individual in society:

Right to freedom of movement

Right to marriage and family

Right to privacy

Right to own property

Right to a nationality

Several articles relate to the fundamental freedoms:

Right to freedom of thought and religion

Right to freedom of opinion and expression

Right to freedom of assemply and association

Right to take part in government

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